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Peer-to-Peer File Sharing and Secondary Liability in Copyright Law

Alain Strowel

This timely volume offers a comprehensive review of case law, in various jurisdictions, on secondary liability for copyright infringement, particularly P2P file sharing and online infringements.

Moreover, the book includes forward-looking contributions of prominent academics from the US and the EU, which provide original perspectives on the future shape of online copyright law, looking at questions such as whether it could or even should evolve towards a compensation system.

By combining these different avenues, the book will be of particular interest to practitioners, academics, researchers and legal scholars involved in the field of copyright law.

Contributors include: G.W. Austin, B. Clark, G.B. Dinwoodie, A.N. Dixon, J.C. Ginsburg, V. Hanley, A. Peukert, J.H. Reichman, P. Samuelson, M. Schlesinger, A. Strowel

réf : E057 - 2009 (352 pages), Edward Elgar Publishing ; ISBN : 978 1 84720 562 9. ; 79,95 £ €

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